Matte Finish Polish



A polished matte finish on your existing concrete is the new wave in finishes from Concrete Evidence, which boasts offering a water resistant, multi functional concrete consideration.

CE_MF- Concrete Evidence’s Matte Finish does not ‘wet-out’ the concrete. See what all the buzz is about.

Naturally, it is a personal choice!  Every concrete has its own personality depending on how, what when it was originally poured. Go with the flow! Consult Stephen to see how best to bring out the best of its inherent qualities to suit the environment and add to the decor to its greatest advantage.

Often the final finishing touch is the hardest upon which to decide for customers. CE knows besides aesthetics, the debate on whether to choose a glossy sealers vs. matte sealers can get complicated. If you have chosen an antique leather design for example, and you want the finish to really pop a high-gloss sealer will add reflective bounce and shine!

Sealers with a higher solids content tend to form a thicker film or coating, creating a glossy surface that looks as if it’s wet.

Sometimes you should consider that reflectivity can also be a deterrent in some instances, such as in a restaurant with lots of sun exposure. If the floor is really glossy it will bounce the light too much and you’ll need more window coverings to tone down the reflection. If you have a dark room with dark-coloured decor and furnishings,  and walls, gloss is a great option, because it makes the room look bigger. So much to consider when choosing your Concrete Finish. Call for a Concrete Consultation to see how best to bring out your concrete’s inherent beauty, uniqueness and outstanding possibility.

How, when, what was originally poured will dictate the parameters within which you must review comprehensive concrete conclusions which will fully consider creative, sustainable design enhancements available to you from Concrete Evidence!

MATTE TO BE DONE!! Check it out.