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In Business For 20+ Years

“With over 20 years of experience, our team offers concrete solutions to your existing floors, walls and surfaces.”


Environmentally Friendly

“Our concrete flooring is amongst the popular ECOlogically friendly building materials on the market today.”


Completely Unique

“Our polished concrete technique uses up to a nine step polishing finish which we call ‘polyfin’. Our custom stained floors use custom blended colours uniquely crafted to customize your individual floor’s finish!”


Attention To Details

“We appreciate your concrete considerations and we look forward to flooring you. It is hard not to see the concrete evidence in our finishes!”

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It is Concrete Evidence Naturally. Concrete finishes offer sustainability in a variety of decors.

With an emphasis on environmental impact and occupational and consumer health and safety, in our current environment, see how you can get the most of concrete in sustainable design options from Concrete Evidence.

The many attributes that concrete has to offer the green building movement and the effect that emerging life cycle analysis has on concrete’s role in this important revolution in the building industry is just the beginning. Finish your new concrete with a variety of choice finishes from Concrete Evidence with over 3 decades of experience, and expertise.

Be part of the green building movement, state-of-the-art methodologies, and stand on our reputation- with a new concrete floor finish from Concrete Evidence.

It might be materials that build the world, but today the design and construction industry has turned its gaze upon energy efficiency, the measure by which all new structures are now appraised as part of the evolving sustainability movement.

If the greenest materials around don’t result in a low-energy structure, why build with them? That’s where concrete comes in: There is no other more energy-efficient building material known and the icing on the cake, is a finish from Concrete Evidence.

Home Owners, Designers, Architects, Engineers and other design professionals say they chose concrete as their sustainable material for recent projects.For over 3 decades they have chosen Concrete Evidence to finish their concrete slabs in home, office, residential industrial environments, with a unique finish, that suits the unique concrete in each space.

In fact, energy efficiency was perceived as the most important attribute when selecting a building material, followed by durability and aesthetics. The finishing touch is what is remembered, and makes the final statement.

This focus on energy use is part of a bigger effort by the building industry to step back and view sustainability as a big picture issue. Sustainable development means looking at the total life cycle and incorporation of green building, and concrete has emerged as a champion. It is a win- win- with creative concrete finishes from Concrete Evidence.

Concrete is a friend of the environment in all stages of its life span, from raw material production to demolition, making it a natural choice for sustainable home construction. Concrete Evidence, for all your concrete conclusions. Hard evidence, to resist!

We stand on our reputation and look forward to flooring you!


What’s NEW in the World of Concrete?

Everything old can be made new again!

Sustainable Design options? It’s all Concrete-Evidence, naturally.

Consider that energy and resource consumption due to construction and operations of a structure must be minimized. The sustainability potential of concrete and concrete structures must consider their environmental impact, performance and lifetime overall friendliness to our environment.

Did you know that cement usage efficiency increases with concrete strength?

Relating to concrete structures this principle can be realized by the use of the material in the most efficient way considering its strength and durability within the service life of the structure.

Concrete is a material used in building construction, consisting of a hard, chemically inert particular substance, known as an aggregate (usually made from different types of sand and gravel), that is bonded together by cement and water.

As with any other specialized technique, polishing is a multi-step process requiring use of the proper tools and equipment to achieve top-quality results.

You have no doubt seen examples in retail, residential, industrial and commercial spaces demonstrating a sleek, shiny, matte, concrete finish whether it is in a utility room, garage, entrance way, kitchen, basement, factory, showroom, office or other all offering sustainable design features, with an overall ease of maintenance. Polished concrete is a great flooring choice, particularly for modern interiors. The inherent beauty of each existing concrete surface is brought to life with finishes custom created by the TEAM at Concrete Evidence.

Note the finishes when cared for properly, wear well and require minimal maintenance. Bonus!

Polished concrete is the ultimate no-wax flooring material. Concrete Evidence comes equipped with 3 decades of experience, the proper floor grinding equipment, for large or small spaces, and experienced design polishing contractors who efficiently and effectively grind your unique concrete surface in prep for the perfect finishing concrete consideration.  Each existing concrete will require a unique approach. Each to its own!

Age does not matter necessarily whether old or new, our team will review the best option offering no gloss, matte, to semi- high-gloss finish options.

Space n’ Place does not matter, but generally, interior existing concrete can benefit from a makeover, takeover, or touch up maintenance proposal from Concrete-Evidence.

Concrete Evidence thinks outside the box incorporating unique design features making the most of your existing concrete surface.

Factor in the superior durability and performance of concrete, and it’s no wonder why retail, commercial warehouse and office facilities, and even homeowners are catching on to the appeal of these smooth, high-luster floors- it is truly Concrete-Evidence, naturally!

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